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Other Services

Property Cleaning Services

Our core business is window cleaning, but cleaning windows is most certainly not our sole enterprise. We have both the experience and specialist equipment to allow us to clean a multitude of surfaces, on both residential and commercial properties. Whether it's a dirty soffit at your home or a soiled frontage and signs at your place of business, we're able to clean and bring new life to that worn and tired looking area that may be letting your property down.

Soffits, fascias and bargeboards

Soffit, fascia and bargeboard cleaning services

Homes and businesses benefit greatly from the addition of uPVC soffits, fascias and bargeboards, not only do they enhance your property by giving it a clean look they require virtually no maintenance, will give many years of service and can easily be brought back to a like-new condition when regularly cleaned. More and more people are choosing to enhance older properties with the addition of uPVC surfacing materials and the majority of new properties are now finished with this reliable and versatile material.

All too often, over time, dirt and dust, grime, mould and algae can slowly build up and make your uPVC surfaces look discoloured and unattractive, by its nature the newer and ever popular wood grained and textured uPVC materials are especially susceptible to such environmental accumulations, though not as obvious as on a white background, any build up will eventually dull these surfaces too.

Fortunately these surfaces will not need the regular attention that your windows require, but annual or bi-annual treatment using our long reach cleaning equipment offers a fast, efficient and safe solution to ensuring that your property surfaces remain in gleaming condition year upon year.


An increasing percentage of homeowners are choosing to enhance their homes by having a conservatory installed, many home builders are designing properties which include a conservatory and hospitality enterprises, such as public houses, hotels etc choose conservatory enhancement to give their establishment a light and airy feeling.

Conservatory cleaning services

There is no doubting the benefits having a conservatory fitted, however, they are an expensive investment and as beautiful and functional as they are they can be extremely difficult to keep clean. The complex design of many modern conservatories makes them ideal for the the accumulation of dirt, bird droppings and the growth of algae and moss etc — however, the safe and effective cleaning of these structures can be a daunting task for the most industrious of people and such an expensive investment deserves good long-term maintenance and protection.

Again, our experience and equipment allow us to undertake this task for you, no risky clambering across polycarbonate roofs, or stretching from step ladders, our long reach poles, special brush heads and purified water effectively cleans and renews conservatory surfaces, helping to keep your conservatory in pristine condition, safeguarding your investment, adding value to your property and quality to your living or business environment.

Frotages and signs

The exterior of your business is literally your shop window, the first thing clients or visitors see when they visit or pass by your premises, it's therefore vitally important that you do everything posisible to project a good impression and create a positive feeling towards your business at all times. The natural elements and environmental pollution can soon cause your business premises to both look tired and dull, additionally bird mess, algae and moss can soon elevate that tired look into dirty, messy and run-down.

The look of your premises and signage communicate essential messages to your clients and visitors, so let us help give your business the appearance it deserves and project a positive and respectable image to clients and increase business potential.

Doors and shutters

Doors and shutters very often get overlooked when it come to cleaning, which can be a mistake, as they are generally what visitors focus on when they approach your property. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials and are not restricted to entry doors, garage doors being much larger are often imposing and can dominate the eyeline, so cleanliness is imperative.

The majority of entry doors are glass, timber, uPVC, or composite materials, wheras garage doors and shutters are often, but not always, of sprayed or coated metallic material and their size and usage leads them to accumulate much dirt and debris.

Our equipment allows us to clean any size or type of door from basic domestic entrance doors to large garage or workshop roller doors and shutters, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaning services

Solar panels are a burgeoning cottage industry for many residential, commercial and service industry consumers, who are taking advantage of the sun's energy to produce electricity, lower their utility bills and possibly make a return by selling any overspill to an electricity company.

However, to achieve maximum generating capacity, solar panels need to be kept as clean as possible and reasonably regular cleaning maintenance is essential if you are to gain substantial returns.

Due to their location being primarily on roof areas, it is neither practical nor safe for consumers to undertake the task of cleaning solar panels and in such high areas the panels are subject to accumulating dust, dirt and bird droppings upon their surfaces, all of which can absorb some of the sun's rays and lessen the output of the panels. Our purified water Reach and Wash equipment can reach the majority of roof top solar panel systems and help ensure that your panels run to optimum efficiency at all times and a good clean may lead to immediate returns being seen.