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Reach and Wash

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

Reach and wash cleaning

In comparison to buckets and ladders, the Reach and Wash system of window cleaning is still a relatively new innovation, but in a short amount of time it has revolutionised the cleaning industry, with its safe and cost-effective method of cleaning, its unparalleled versatility and the excellent end results attained.

Generally, Reach and Wash is the method of choice for the majority of our clients, though we do appreciate that for some, the Reach and Wash system is still an unproven cleaning technique and for those people we are happy to use our ladders and buckets and apply the traditional approach to window cleaning.

About reach and wash cleaning

Basically, the idea of Reach and Wash is to use extendable and telescopic carbon fibre poles which can reach in excess of 18 metres (60 foot), a high quality, soft brush head of approximately 45 centimetres (18 inches) is attached to the end of the pole and purified water is pumped at high pressure up the pole to in-built water jets within the brush head.

The brush head is gently rested against the selected window or surface and the water is shot out of the brush to agitate any dirt or debris, the soft bristles further loosen any stubborn debris and the constant stream of pressurised water washes away the dirt and debris. In skilled hands the process takes merely seconds, depending on the surface area being worked and on multi-storey buildings it is best practice to proceed from the highest point, as any lower windows previously cleaned would be compromised by residue washed from above.

  • Effective, efficient and safe method of cleaning
  • Modern pole technology enables cleaning to be more effective and at greater heights
  • Reverse osmosis system of water filtration removes water impurities
  • Cost savings can be passed on to clients

The key to the success of this window cleaning system is water purity and to achieve the very best results the water needs to be as pure as is possible. Reach and Wash water filtration technology removes much of the natural impurities within our water, along with any added chemical treatments as these minerals, deposits and chemicals, if not correctly removed, will leave streaks and smeers down the panes of glass as they dry. Of course, good user technique plays a strong role, as even with the best of equipment and the purest of water, an ineffective or amateurish application of the Reach and Wash system will result in poor results and give further credence to the myth that Reach and Wash is not a sound and valid method of cleaning.

  • Eliminates use of ladders
  • No high access equipment
  • Helps reach inaccessible areas
  • Helps reach over obstacles
  • Operator can work from ground
  • Reduces disturbance
  • Helps with privacy
  • Frames can be cleaned
  • Other surfaces can be cleaned
  • Environmentally friendly

The Reach and Wash system allows us to clean far more than just windows and frames, various attachments allow us to reach and clean soffits and fascias, guttering, skylights and dormer windows, atria, facades, panelling, canopies and signs to name but a few. Please see our Other Services page to read more.